The Path of Faith- (1)
Shane M. Oberlin

Shane M. Oberlin

I came across this as I was going through some old writings, and I figured that it would be a great way to start off this blog! 

To me, this poem speaks of the journey that we embark on when we take the plunge and make the choice to follow Jesus, and I hope that this poem is able to encourage you and remind you that the sacrifices that you have made and the ones that you eventually will make are always WORTH IT! Enjoy!


As I step into the great unknown, oh so very far from home.

I cross the line, and break the ties that bind my eyes to my foolish pride.

If I stay behind, I’ll realize that I was blinded to the lies.

That push and pull and threaten me, by keeping me in complacency.

But I choose to move, and go beyond the pathways of which I am fond.

So I move along, expand, explore; as the path of faith expands before my frail and feeble failing eyes.

Every day a new surprise.

The path of Faith is not easy though, I always need new strength to go.

It’s hard to pave a brand new path; I need God’s grace to complete this task.

I’m pressing on, past where I thought that I could go. And then, I saw…

The hands of One, standing there, arms wide open, with a love so rare.

He draws me near, and pulls me close; He’s shown me what I’ve never known.

A love so rare, a grace so free, fully lavished over me.

He walks with me, each step I take; His Blood has washed my filthy stains.

He took my view of what I thought was possible and threw it out.

The way He moves is astonishing; beyond what I could ever see.

I never thought I would go this far, as my zone of comfort falls apart.

He walks with me, and talks with me; He never walks away you see.

 He holds my heart, and holds my hands, in His firmly established plans.

He never wavers, His eternal favor is more than I could ever savor.

Thro’ the valley and the flame, when being taunted for His Name.

And on the rising mountaintop, when my pride threatens to rot.

In the jungles and the desert, my God is forever present.

O’er the tempest of the raging sea, He is there to comfort and bring stillness to the raging heart.

And a pleasant balm that flows without restraint, reminder or reprieve; saturating everything.

 When I mess up and make mistakes, He is there to guide my way.

This path of Faith is hard sometimes; it feels like walking a field of mines.

Pressure building every day; to just forsake the narrow way.

The way may not even seem clear, or even the same stratosphere.

But, My Lord has conquered fear, just allow Him to draw near.

And when your way feels lost and weary, just allow Him to do the steering …

 Now as I’m drawing to a close, with an ending that is apropos.

I wish to speak to you some more about the narrow, faithful road.

My Lord is there all the time, to stand beside as you cross the line.

That blurs and fogs, disorients, from all the glory He represents.

 I pray that you will cross the line, because you will have the time of your life!

All Poems Inspired by God // © Shane Oberlin – 2012 // © Conquering Kingdoms – 2013



is a devoted lover of Jesus who seeks to impact the world through writing, the prophetic, counseling, travel, speaking, and song.

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