Shane M. Oberlin

Shane M. Oberlin

This poem originated from my journey to Jordan this past summer. I was confronted by the stark reality of the burqa, and how completely opposite it is of everything that I stand for.

God created women to be loved, cherished, honored, and respected; not objectified, abused, despised, or relegated to a position of lowly subservience. I hope that this poem brings perspective, and that you are stirred to action against this atrocity.

     From within her fear stained eyes, I can hear the mournful cry; of hopes that never lived, and a dream that long since died.

     Behind the veil there is a voice that rises from her soul; a longing, for a freedom that never has been known.

      The voice beneath is haunting; it pierces to my core. Defeat has mired her gaze… She stopped hoping long ago.

     Born into this slavery, she did not make the choice to be; chained beneath this bitter cloth. When will this injustice stop?

     Her eyes convey despair; like a hurricane of pain; an aching to be loved and known; a groaning unrestrained.

     Shackled to submission, bonded like a slave, it seems like her only escape is in a lonely grave…

     But now, I hear another Voice… It echoes all around! A Mighty Savior conquering all that death has bound. This Voice unleashes freedom to everyone around; taking hold of captivity, causing even death to flee.

     For behold, this very Voice the veil cannot withstand: The Voice of Jesus Christ; the hope of every woman and man.

     His glory shatters darkness, against Him none can stand, His Word a mighty fortress, He rules with scepter in hand.

     His power rends the veil that death has tried so hard to cast.

     His love will never fail the ones who are caught within its grasp.

     As His people will travail, we’ll hear the sound of victory.

     Our God alone will prevail, exalted for all the world to see.



is a devoted lover of Jesus who seeks to impact the world through writing, the prophetic, counseling, travel, speaking, and song.

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