Shane M. Oberlin

Shane M. Oberlin

          This poem came to me over the past few weeks, because I found myself in a time when I was seriously questioning my direction. I have always felt “different” or like I was the only one who ever went through different struggles. I was desperately seeking “the answer” to these unwelcome feelings, and The Answer is what I found!
          I wrote this poem because I came to the realization that our Creator God never makes a mistake, and that you and I are created with specific purposes and destinies in mind. Be encouraged today!

Why do I see everything through a different colored lens? How can I feel all alone surrounded by my friends? Why is it that details have become the baited trap? Enticing me to wrest myself from their all inclusive grasp.

When everyone goes left, why do I go right? While others make their peace, why do I stand and fight? While others jump, and run, and play, why do I retreat to pray? And, when I want to go, why do the others want to stay? It seems as though my loneliness has become the norm. So, why am I so wary of the calm before the storm?

As these questions lay unanswered, they wrestle with my soul, am I missing vital pieces from the factory of “whole?” Surely there is a reason, for my inner civil unrest. Perhaps, ’tis fate, or a cruel joke, or a never ending test?

But I have found the answer, to all of this and more. The answer is called Jesus; He’s the ransom for my soul. Constructed by His plan, Divine, He freed me from my sin, entwined. And I have found that line by line, I’m custom made; I’m His design.

As I look upon all of the beauty He has made, I view it through magnificence, His never-changing gaze. My differences are different, from the different ones I see. But maybe, there’s a reason, a purpose, can it be?!

Infinite in beauty, expansive in His grace, His glory reaches farther, than even time or space! Now I revel in my differences, the limitless intricacies, because the Lord created us as a thriving variety.

My place is not your place, your space is not my space, but as we practice grace, this unity we’ll taste.

So, remember, when it feels like, you are the only one, that you are not alone within the body of His Son. The synergy of variety is a fragrance before His throne, embracing originality, we find, we’re finally… Home.



is a devoted lover of Jesus who seeks to impact the world through writing, the prophetic, counseling, travel, speaking, and song.

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