Shane M. Oberlin

Shane M. Oberlin

This poem was partially inspired by one of my classes during my last semester of school. As a class, we studied the conflicting philosophies and “kingdoms” of thought that comprise a culture. These perspectives influence every aspect of our lives, even our political and religious views. The Bible clearly shows us the juxtaposition and the conflict between the kingdom of darkness and The Kingdom of God.
I hope that you are encouraged today; and that this reminds you that as followers of Jesus, we are already destined for the victorious and wonderful “city of Light.” Even when it looks like the dark is only growing darker, rest in the victory that comes from our faith in Jesus! Be blessed today!

You’re building a city on orphans bones, and innocent blood is filling the street.

You’re building an idol, brazen and blazing, the best of intentions have shackled your feet.

Your standards are low and morality’s cry, is deafened and dumbed down and rarely defined.

The silent majority sits on her throne, absently tending a heart made of stone.

The ramparts are falling, the watchmen are weary, with assembly forgotten, the temples are eerie.

If truth is an echo and no one responds, how long will it last if none sound its call?

Sacrifice made for tolerance sake, will lead to intolerance at the end of the day.

The valley is filling with fruits of your crimes, for what else can happen when blind lead the blind?

But out of the ashes, a new day is rising, a city that conflicts the norm, it is shining!

 A glorious new song is echoing forth, tearing down walls, and stirring up hope.

This city is built on opening homes, and innocent ones are off of the street.

A Kingdom transforming the brazen and blazing, into a offering, fragrant and sweet.

Standards are high, and morality’s cry, is seeded and heeded in everyday life.

Jesus is ruling, sound every bell! His power alone is vanquishing hell.

The armor is strong, the army unfearing, darkness is conquered, and evil is weary.

Love is a lifestyle, peace leaping forth. Truth is victorious! Silent no more.

The valley transforms into mountains so high. A beacon that shines, a city of Light.

Beauty from ashes. Sorrow remade. A world overcome by the absence of shade.

These conflicting kingdoms are varying in scope. The kingdom of darkness and The Kingdom of Hope.

Darkness may rule and reign for a time, but the time is soon coming when all death must die.

And once it’s dethroned, all evil will cease, and be blown away by the breath of The King.

For Jesus is ruling! All kingdoms will bow! His return is soon! Prepare even NOW…



is a devoted lover of Jesus who seeks to impact the world through writing, the prophetic, counseling, travel, speaking, and song.

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