learning thelexiconofliberation
Shane M. Oberlin

Shane M. Oberlin


I wrote this poem recently, as I was contemplating the many choices that lay ahead of me. There are lots of details related to leaving one sort of life behind to embark on a whole new existence as a full-time missionary.

During the last week, I have dealt with a wave of realizations related to my journey. There are only THREE MONTHS between now and my anticipated date of departure! Beyond the financial puzzle (I am currently under 10% of my fundraising goal), there are multiple major details yet to be established. Visas, flights, and packing list, oh my!

So, what is my response going to be? Will I choose to fight against the seemingly impossible nature of this journey?

Will I choose to give up, run away, and hide from the world?

OR will I choose to continually place my faith in The One Who called me to this journey; who is NEVER late?!

I will not fight. I will not flee. Instead, I will FLY!

Would I rather be a prophet than gain the gold of fools?
Would I rather be a rebel than playing by the rules?
Innovate or instigate?
Light the match or douse the flame?
Endure some ridicule, or forget I know His name?
Roar like a lion, or meow from a cage?
Undignified or all restrained?
Speak to people in a crowd, or at them from a stage?
Live the book they would write for me, or start my own; page by page?
Is it time to run, or time for war?
What am I even fighting for?
Does it even matter anymore?
The rulers in shrouds of darkness have called me a bitter foe.
The choice is mine to make.
Though the road I take may lead to my grave.
Fight or Flight?
What to do!
Why is the choice between the two?
Or, is it?
Could there be another way, to snatch victory from the jaws of decay?
I could fight and die on my own.
I could flee, and abdicate my throne.
But the choice I make is not that small …
I choose to fly above them all!
I choose to heed the sacred call to impact lives, both near and far!
Through flying, I rise above the fight, filled with deadly snares.
Through flying, I flee the field of surrender, and the bodies buried there.
I choose to fly; free to be, whether in the sky or in the sea,
I am now free from you, so I am also free from me.
Because I define this journey. It does not define me.

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is a devoted lover of Jesus who seeks to impact the world through writing, the prophetic, counseling, travel, speaking, and song.

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