Author’s note:

While the history of Conquering Kingdoms and my personal history are inextricably intertwined; this in no way implies that the mission, vision, and destiny of Conquering Kingdoms are about me. That is not the case.
It is my honor to steward, shepherd, and share The Gospel through this avenue, and I do not take it lightly.
Please read and enjoy the journey of Conquering Kingdoms to date!



September, 2012

The Beginning:

At this point, I knew two things: First, God was leading me to start writing a blog. Second, I really didn’t want to. At that time, I absolutely hated writing! Yet, the stirring of The Lord was becoming harder and harder to ignore. I knew in my spirit that God wanted to use my writing to encourage people, but I had no comprehension of the journey that was ahead …

December, 2012

What’s In A Name?

As I prepared to launch this blog, I struggled with the name most of all. Names are quite important; and have a great impact upon the destiny of something. At the time, I was attending ministry school. Many of my classmates were beginning to launch into ministry, and I was intimidated by the anointings (and egos) that some already carried. I never desired to launch “Shane M. Oberlin Ministries;” because The Great Commission is about making Jesus famous, not placing my name and legacy at the forefront. Then, The Lord took me to a familiar chapter of Scripture that I had memorized in childhood. Hebrews 11. Known to many as “The Faith Chapter.” The moment I read verse 33, I knew that I had a name worthy of the vision that was being formed in my life.

January, 2013

Website Launch:

Conquering Kingdoms was born! With a free “.wordpress.com” domain, a logo made in Microsoft Paint (It WAS as bad as it sounds. See for yourself above.), and a generic site theme, I was ready to take on the world! 

June – July, 2013

Down By The River Jordan:

I was privileged to spend three weeks in the Middle East, on a humanitarian aid (covert missionary) journey. My life was forever changed. I gained a passion to use my writing as a catalyst for activism. As I share current events from a natural, supernatural, and scriptural perspective; (showing people why they should actually care!) I attempt to provide practical ways for people to partner with what God desires to do upon the earth.

March, 2014

Conquering Kingdoms 2.0:

Undertaking a complete redesign of a website when you cannot code your way out of a brown paper bag is not my idea of a good time. Yet, it was necessary.  The readers deserved better. The content deserved better. Eventually, I caught the web design bug (see what I did there?); embarking on a never-ending improvement process which led to a social media presence, and resulted in the product before you now. However, I lost count after version 6.0! 

May, 2014 – December, 2016

The Stolen Years:

My college graduation triggered an abrupt descent into hopelessness, homelessness, exhaustion, severe adrenal fatigue, contemplating suicide, and a roller-coaster journey through severe depression. The adversary wreaked havoc on my spirit, soul, and body. It is only through the intervention of God that I am alive to tell about it. This resulted in a dramatic decrease in posts, or anything remotely creative. I had literally no idea what was next …

January, 2017


In 2016, God promised me that it would be “The Year Of My Breakthrough.” I laughed in His face. Yet, He was true to His Word! On December 30th, I had a life-altering vision from The Lord that literally regenerated me from the inside out. I have never been the same. Less than one month later, The Lord assigned me to become a full-time missionary in Wales, United Kingdom with The Message Trust! 

September, 2017

The Nations Call My Name!

Conquering Kingdoms will relocate to Wales, United Kingdom to partner with The Message Trust; an organization committed to fostering the greatest move of God that Europe has ever seen!

July, 2018

Refocus, Rebrand, Return.

The Mission of Conquering Kingdoms has never changed, but along the way pieces of the implementation have shifted, grown, and transformed into something new. New expressions, such as Conquering Kingdoms Resources are a small representation of this new season. As Conquering Kingdoms transitions back into the heart of Europe to contend for revival, watch this space as our history unfolds.


Website Views:
Tacos = Writing Fuel!



The First Website Logo.


An Early Website Icon.



Conquering Kingdoms 2.0 (Mobile).



Present Social Media Logo.



Logo for The Message Trust, headquartered in Manchester, England.

Eden Tremorfa Logo


Logo for Eden Tremorfa, the incarnational mission team that I was part of in East Cardiff.



Conquering Kingdoms Resources is born!