In today’s world, connections are a part of everyday life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress are becoming increasingly intertwined with everything we do. We are constantly following the exploits of celebrities, cultural trends, and supporting causes that we admire. Because of this, I have been inspired to use my sphere of influence through Conquering Kingdoms to raise awareness for causes that I personally support, and the organizations, businesses, ministries, and people that are working to advance the Kingdom of God in our world.

Many of the people featured in “Recommends” are personal friends of mine, and I am honored to walk alongside them on this journey called life. I am so excited for the opportunity to introduce a whole new group of people to a whole host of writers, musicians, artists, missionaries, and entrepreneurs that are making an impact across the globe! As believers in Christ, we need to be united in our pursuit of allowing the purposes and plans of God to be empowered and advanced through everything that we touch. Even the things that have long been considered “secular,” like business, entertainment, and news media.

I would encourage you to learn more about these people and groups, and support them through your prayers and financial gifts. They are in places, ministering in ways, and loving people that we are not able to reach. So check them out, and show them some love today!


Christ For The Nations

This school forever changed my life; equipping me with the dictionary to define my dreams and destiny.


The King’s University

Another wonderful school I have attended; specializing in post-graduate education.



The International House of Prayer (IHOP) based in Kansas City, Missouri has been pivotal in my faith journey.


The Message Trust

The current ministry partner of Conquering Kingdoms! They labor to bring fresh awakening to Europe!


Message Wales

The Welsh field office for The Message Trust, and the geographical base for Conquering Kingdoms!



An organization dedicated to the ending of abortion in our lifetime.


Bethel Church

Based in Redding, California; Bethel is committed to empowering believers to bring their faith to life!


Love Fest Global

Taking the immeasurable Love of God to the streets; from Hong Kong to San Francisco and everywhere in between.


The Call

Solemn assemblies designed to change our world through prayer, fasting, worship, and unity.


Iris Global

Iris Global is a non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to spreading The Gospel across the nations!


Stella’s Voice

Based in Moldova, they are committed to saving young people from sex-trafficking across the globe!


Christ For All Nations

A ministry that proclaims The Gospel through crusades which have resulted in millions of people finding Jesus!